Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Business terms

Order your goods as described below in the instructions (see How to order?), you will receive an email confirmation of receipt.

Cancellation / revocation of orders

In case you decide to cancel your order and if the order has not yet been shipped, immediately inform Crystal Productions by calling or texting  +420 702 061 722 or email objednavky@crystalprod.cz.
 In case the goods are not in stock or your order will be canceled by Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o., you will be informed immediately.

Shipping Time

Goods in stock are ready to be shipped within 1-3 days after the order is placed. This time must then be added to standard deliveries by a Logistics Company or the Czech Post.

Payment, shipping, transport

You can pay in four different ways:

1.   On delivery, i.e. COD at the Czech Post (preferably) or a Logistics Company.
2.   Transfer to Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. account 266079174/0300 (payment only in Czech koruna!) , which you identify by your name and order number. Unidentified transfers cannot be traced and put together with the order.
3.   Paypall - for sending payments from abroad this is probably the best option.
4.   Use our € account for payment in €:
Number of account:
IBAN: CZ 29 0100 0001 1555 9855 0287
Bank address and name: Komerční banka, a.s., U Stromovky 1501/11, 736 01 Havířov

The price of handling the goods is not charged extra. It is included in the total price of postage, which is as follows:
• 85 CZK – sent by COD with the Czech post, payment upon receipt
• 50 CZK - sent by the Czech post, paid by bank transfer before shipping
• 0 CZK - personal collection in the company office, or by appointment

In case that Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. send goods from one order at various times (for example, if the goods are not currently in stock) postage will be paid by Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o..

If a customer requests an exchange of goods due to parameters mismatch (eg. size of textiles), the postage is paid by the customer. 

Shipping to Slovakia: We only send goods that are currently in stock. In case you order more things and we do not have them all in stock, we'll send only those which are in stock, and the rest of the order will be cancelled. If you are willing to wait for the goods, you must mention it in the order sent to: objednavky@crystalprod.cz. We'll send the whole order at once, but the delivery time can then take up to 3 weeks, or we can possibly inform you about the availability of goods.


1. Each buyer who has purchased goods at Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. e-shop is entitled to claim the goods under the Civil Code, in case any defects occur within 24 months after delivery. THE 


• Damage to goods during transport (such damage must be addressed with the delivery     company on receipt)
• Wear and tear of goods due to the nature of the product by normal use and well-wearing
• Damage to goods from unusual use or damage caused by the user
• Damage caused by external events and incorrect handling

2. The buyer is obliged to check the goods delivered by the seller without undue delay and notify the seller of any defects detected within 3 days.

3. Notice of any obvious defects identified by the buyer must be sent to the seller in writing (e-mail to objednavky@crystalprod.cz or by letter) within 3 days of receipt of goods or immediately after any defect is found or by calling +420 702 061 722. The defects found by the buyer must be specified in the notice - the nature of defects and how they are expressed.

Claims raised in the written notice of the defects found by the buyer must be claimed at the seller's office:
Crystal Productions
Merchandise Factory s.r.o.
Nad Terasou 1642/2a, Havirov – Podlesi, 736 01
IČ: 02585481

4. To make a claim it is required, in all cases, to submit a copy of the invoice and a proof of payment and delivery of goods, the defects of which are claimed, and a cover letter describing the complaint.
5. Seller assumes no liability for damages resulting from the operation of the goods, functional properties and damage resulting from improper use of goods, as well as, for damage caused by external events and incorrect handling. Such kinds of defects are not covered by the warranty.
6. Complaints will be handled in accordance with the provisions of § 19 paragraph 3) Act No. 634/1992 Consumer Protection Act
7. Delivery services Complaints

Goods from Crystal Productions Merchandise Factory s.r.o. are delivered to you by the Czech Post or Logistics Companies. It may happen that goods you ordered arrive damaged. In this case, please proceed as follows:

• Always check the package at the counter or immediately after you receive it, in front of the delivery worker
• In case the wrapping is damaged (creased, torn, soaked, ...) immediately write a protocol about the damage with the delivery worker.
• You can open the package at the site to check the goods especially for fragile items. Do not let them get away with telling you that the e-shop will take responsibility for it. We pack and ship undamaged goods and such goods, with correct handling, should arrive to the customer undamaged.


1. Select goods in the e-shop, which you are interested in and click on ADD TO CART. In case of textiles you will be redirected to a detailed product overview, where you can choose size and colour.
2. If you decide to order more goods, the system will automatically inform you about the current list of these goods.
3. If you change your mind about something you ordered, use the bin icon on the left from the product list in the shopping cart.
4. If you have selected all the required goods, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner. Table with a list of required goods will pop up. There you can see several buttons, REFRESH CHART, CONTINUE IN SHOPPING, CONFIRM .
5. After choosing CONFIRM, you will be redirected to login / register.
6. Fill in your details and if you want us to deliver your goods to the address given, please tick the box  DELIVER TO THE ADDRESS situated below the form.
7. At the end of your order, click SUBMIT ORDER.
8. In  MY ACCOUNT section you can track the status of your order.

If you have any problems with  your shopping, please email us your order at: objednavky@crystalprod.cz and we will deal with your order as soon as possible.